The staff and board management of APNG: WLN paid a visit to Vadavada Settlement. This is a community known to many as a no go zone due to ethnic group fights causing deaths and leaving many with no homes to go to.

The visit organized by our Chair- Ruth Kissam to a vulnerable community, brought many to tears and new friendships forged. A partnership established between the women in that community and APNG: WLN.

The network on behalf of its 68 members, donated two hand sewing machines, fabric, arts and craft items and other accessories to help the women in this community start. The items were personally contributed by our fellow sisters who saw the need when the call was made.

The little we had to offer was seen as something big and valuable to them.

Through this partnership, our organization has committed to support our sisters with life skill training in the areas of sewing, printing, arts and craft activities, jam and peanut butter making, etc.

This is a normal activity practiced by our members back in their communities.

Let’s create more room for empowerment, helping them to believe in themselves one more time.

When you build a group of women and young people, you build a family, that eventually creates an impact in their community.

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