Anne Hewago

Anne Hewago is the President of the Nipa Kutubu District and Kutubu LLG Council of Women and the Chairperson of Soro Women’s Business Group, Inc (SWBG).
SWBG mobilizes women to share ideas on issues affecting them and to find ways to address them. Her work in the SWBG includes leading activities and facilitating trainings to develop, secure and improve the livelihood of women at a local level. The trainings also build stronger families and communities through improved and sustainable income generation.
As the President of the Kutubu LLG Council of Women, she has successfully brought the first mobile ultra-sound scanner and donated to Pimaga hospital and in use now. She has also mobilised more than 100 plus catons (800) reading books that she donated to School in Kutubu under her donate a Book project. She has also mobilised electrical sewing machines from Australia for Kutubu LLG Council of Women.
She also assisted compile report and dire state of the Pimaga rural hospital and a new antenatal bed was donated and in use. She is also leading the compaign on Eliminating Violence against Women and Children in the Kutubu LLG. Under her leadership Kutubu LLG Council of Women has mobilised its 18 council wards to commemorate International Day of Elimination of Violence against women every 25th November since 2015 in partnership with Advancing PNG: Women Leaders Network. She continues to provide shelta and safe home and place to violated and those women who travel far to attend antenantal clinics in her kitchen. This led to the building of a safe house from her own resources currently in need of beddings and kitchen utentials. She keeps pushing the agenda without any government support. Madame Councillor Anne is also the secretary for Kutubu LLG Council of Youth. WIth her involvement with the Kutubu LLG Council of Youth, she has provided vital support implementaiton of commemoration of International Youth Day since 2015 in partnership with Advancing PNG: Women Leaders Network. The commemoration of the International Youth Day has led to mobilsing more than 65 youth groups of the Kutubu LLG to help them decide to become active citizens of their families, communities and PNG as a Nation. Through the commemoration of International Youth Day a youth development centre was established training female carpentries as well. This training centre is now formally registered as Pimaga TVET Centre taking the first intakes this year (2021).
Anne holds a degree in Business Management and a certificate in Accounting from the Institute of Business Studies in Port Moresby. She attended GWIM59 in Port Moresby.

She served as a member of the Board of APNGWLN on 2 terms contributing meaningfully. Anne is one of the very active members of the Network that demonstrates the values of the Network. She has no source of income. The councillor allowance hasn’t been paid to her since her appointment and currently she is raising this with the Ombudsmen.